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I have a 4 year old German Shepherd Bear who has a lot of anxiety and behavioral issues when it comes to going to the vet. I was so pleased with how accommodating they were when I came. They let us go through a different entrance and straight into an exam room to avoid any problems my dog may have. The staff and Dr Dixon was fantastic with him and even Bear became less anxious and was calm throughout the rest of the visit.

Katherine R.

Dr. Dixon was so kind and really took his time listening to me and my needs for the animal I rescued. He and his team were gentle and understanding. They even went as far as to give us a free first visit for rescuing the dog which allowed for the dog to receive more than just XRays and shots for the GoFundMe money we raised. We were able to do some lab work done, do some other testing, microchip her, and get flea/tick treatment. We are so blessed to have these guys on our team!
Heidi L.

Dr. Dixon and his staff are always attentive and take the time to truly listen to my fears and concerns about my fur babies. They always treat my babies as if they were their own and give the best care anyone could ask for!
Steven H.

This is the best veterinarian clinic by far. Dr. Dixon and his staff are phenomenal. They are like family and we love them as such. We wouldn’t take our fur babies anywhere else.
Dana F.

We had a great experience here with our 12 year old lab. She has had a growing tumor on her lower jaw that we were told, by other vets in the area, that a surgical procedure was really not an option. Texas A&M told us this kind of mass would continue to get larger and all they could offer was a major surgery removing half of the lower jaw and costing thousands of dollars. Her tumor was larger than golf ball size and we were truly at the point that her situation was so awful, putting her down seemed like the best option for her. When my husband took her to Flint, they felt confident that this tumor could be removed with laser and would drastically improve her quality of life. Although we know this tumor will likely return, this definitely made a huge difference for our dog and family. I truly cannot believe how much they helped our sweet dog. I can’t say enough nice things about the care she received and the concern for our family in all of this! I am so thankful we found them!!
Danielle T.

Team members were very kind and professional. The vet was nice and explained everything to me about my dog’s visit. Great experience!
Rachael N.

It’s a challenge to find a great vet in East Texas. Minimal wait time, same-day appointment for my sick kitty and reasonable rates. Will definitely use again!
Tina K.

We had a very good experience. Our dog Nova loved the staff. We recommend Flint Veterinary to everyone.
John B.